Terms and Conditions

All flights are weather dependent, and can be cancelled or delayed at short notice. 

Contract of Carriage

•  All carriage of passengers and baggage shall be performed pursuant to a contract of carriage between Adventure Flights Golden Bay and the passenger. This contract of carriage shall be
   in such form whether involving ticketing or otherwise as Adventure Flights Golden Bay may determine. All contracts of carriage shall be subject to rules which Adventure Flights Golden
   Bay may make from time to time relating to such matters as terms of issue, period of validity, requirements of payment, fare structure, check in requirements, carriage of children and

•  A reservation for any carriage is not effective unless a contract of carriage has been entered into. A reservation is not a contract of carriage. A contract of carriage does not guarantee or
   entitle carriage in any particular seat or on any particular aircraft. A contract of carriage does not guarantee timely or other performance of any carriage. These Conditions apply also to
   gratuitous carriage except as may otherwise be set out in this contract. All contracts of carriage are subject to all the provisions of these Conditions. Adventure Flights Golden Bay carries
   passengers on flights in New Zealand on contracts that consist of these conditions, any applicable international conventions, any applicable domestic New Zealand laws and Adventure
   Flights Golden Bay’s oral or written directions to passengers.

•  Where Adventure Flights Golden Bay is unable to commence or continue any flight or carry any contracted passenger, it will endeavor to provide alternative carriage. If alternative carriage
   is not possible the passenger may re-book with Adventure Flights Golden Bay or receive a refund. A passenger who is refused carriage may receive a refund for such part of the carriage
   as may be applicable. Adventure Flights Golden Bay has no obligation to a passenger who is late for or misses any flight. Passengers on a charter positioning flight that does not proceed
   will receive a refund.

•  Adventure Flights Golden Bay reserves the right to cancel or amend flights or schedules without notice.

•  All flights are weather dependent, and can be cancelled or delayed at short notice. 

Passenger and Baggage Weights Conditions.

•  Adventure Flights Golden Bay may refuse to carry any passenger and / or baggage for any reason whatsoever.

•  The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority rules require actual or declared weights for every person on board the aircraft. Adventure Flights Golden Bay therefore requires all
   passengers to give their weight details prior to a flight or to the booking agent or enter them online for all online bookings. 

•  Adventure Flights Golden Bay is not liable for loss, damage to or delay in the delivery of fragile or perishable articles, money, jewellery, precious metals, negotiable papers, securities
   camera, electronic equipment, eye ware, medical supplies or other valuables. Such personal valuables are carried at the passenger’s own risk and should be carried on the passenger’s
   person or with the passenger in the cabin under the passenger’s care. Adventure Flights Golden Bay reserves the right to search any passenger or baggage to ensure compliance with
   these conditions. Claims for immediately identifiable baggage damage or loss must be reported to Adventure Flights Golden Bay prior to the passenger leaving the airport. All damage not
   immediately identifiable must be reported to Adventure Flights Golden Bay on discovery and at least within 24 hours of travel.

•  Baggage is limited to 15 kg per paying passenger. Weight in excess of 15 kg may be carried at the discretion of Adventure Flights Golden Bay, subject to space and weight availability, at a
   surcharge of $5.00/kg. Adventure Flights Golden Bay will not be responsible for baggage consigned by other means where it is unable to be carried on a passenger's flight. For safety
   reasons, the following types of restricted articles must not be carried in passengers baggage or on the person: weapons, knives, firearms and ammunition (except for hunting or sporting
   purposes, in which case they must be packed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and Adventure Flights Golden Bay directions, notified to Adventure Flights Golden Bay
   prior to carriage and carried as baggage). nimals, items that may be or become dangerous, such as briefcases installed with alarms, compressed gases, corrosives (including acids,
   alkalis, wet cell batteries and items containing mercury), explosives, flammable, oxidizing materials and poisons, radioactive materials, items prohibited by any applicable law, regulation or
   order. In the event of a passenger attempting to bring any such item on board and Adventure Flights Golden Bay discovering it, Adventure Flights Golden Bay may do whatever it
   considers appropriate in the circumstances, including disposing of the item without prior notification.

•  Dangerous goods shall not be carried. A list of common dangerous goods is displayed at check-in counters and further information is available on request. Passengers are requested to
   clarify any doubtful items prior to check in. Common examples are: knives, scissors, compressed gases (some common camping equipment); flammable liquids and solids (strike
   anywhere matches, lighter and heater fluids, flammable aerosols); weapons, firearms, ammunition or explosives, poisons (not including medical prescriptions). Further information on
   dangerous goods is available 

Booking and Payment

•  Fares for Regular Service, Scenic, Heaphy Transport and Charter flights apply only for carriage from airport of departure to airport of arrival.

•  Heaphy flights arrive and leave from the Karamea Airport, 16km from the Kohaihai Shelter at the end of the Heaphy Track, a shuttle bus may be required to get to the airport. This shuttle  
   can be arranged by Adventure Flights Golden Bay upon request. The cost of the shuttle is the responsibility of the passenger.

•  Payment must be made in full on the day of travel.
          o  Adventure Flights accepts the following payment methods, credit card, eftpos (available at the Takaka office only), cheques and bank transfers.
          o  There is a 4% charge for processing credit or debit card payments.
          o  Credit card number is required to make a reservation. Payment will be listed as Adventure Flights Golden Bay on the credit or debit card statement. Full payment is due on the day
              of travel.
          o  Bank account for transfers ANZ 06-0729-0618411-00 

•  No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced.

•  Cancelling a booking with Adventure Flights Golden Bay can result in cancellation fees being applied by Adventure Flights Golden Bay, as outlined below. When cancelling any booking
   you will be notified via email, or telephone of the total cancellation fees .
          o  If you cancel greater than 7 calendar days in advance, there is no cancellation fee.
          o  If you cancel between 3 and 7 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a $50 per passenger cancellation fee.
          o  If you cancel within 2 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.
          o  In the event that the customer fails to show up for the booked flight at the booked time, and no cancellation has been received, then 100% of the total fare will be charged to the      

•  Non-cancelled bookings will incur the full cost of the flight from the credit card used to secure the booking, plus 4% processing fee. 

•  Adventure Flights reserves the right to depart on time if the passengers have failed to arrive and be ready for their booked flight, they will be charged the full fare.

•  Any time the pilot is made to wait will incur a waiting fee of $100 per hour or part there of.

•  Bookings can be moved to another time within the following 12 months of the original booking date.

•  All cancellations and transfers must be made directly with Adventure Flights Golden Bay in writing.

•  A minimum of 2 full adult fares are required for all flights, Childs rates apply to children between 5-15 years of age. Under 4 years old are free.

•  Group rates apply to group bookings only, additional passengers will be charged the full rate.

•  Price Bet, only applies to flights of the same published route, excludes Heaphy flights and all charter flights (including Wellington).

•  Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

Passengers with reduced mobility.

•  Passengers with mobility problems or in wheelchairs can be accepted for carriage only by prior arrangement with Adventure Flights Golden Bay. Wherever possible, appropriate
   arrangements will be made for the passengers to be assisted on and off the aircraft. Passengers requiring special care and assistance during a journey should travel with a companion
   who can provide this. Adventure Flights Golden Bay staff are unable to meet individual special needs before, during or after the flight. Every infant or child must be accompanied by an
   adult who will take full responsibility for the infant or child’s supervision and control at all stages of the journey before, during and after the flight, accept by special arrangement with
   Adventure Flights Golden Bay. One adult may not take any more than two children and or infants on board any Adventure Flights Golden Bay flight accept by special arrangement with
   Adventure Flights Golden Bay.


• Passengers must make their own arrangements for personal and baggage insurance.

Right to Refuse Carriage

•  Adventure Flights Golden Bay may refuse to carry any passenger for any reason whatsoever. Adventure Flights Golden Bay reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who seeks
   to travel in violation of applicable laws or Adventure Flights Golden Bay’s contract of Carriage, or is otherwise in breach of these Conditions, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
   Adventure Flights Golden Bay may refuse carriage to any person for reasons of health or safety or the comfort of other passengers or for the protection of property, or if the passenger has
   not paid the applicable fare fees charges or taxes or has failed to observe any reasonable instruction of Adventure Flights Golden Bay staff.

Limitation of Liability

•  Adventure Flights Golden Bay has no obligation or liability to any passenger for any unperformed or delayed carriage except as set out in these Conditions. In particular Adventure Flights
   Golden Bay has no liability for any missed connections or appointments or for any consequential or other loss. This limitation of liability extends to Adventure Flights Golden Bay’s agents,
   officers, servants and representatives.

No Waiver of Conditions

•  No agent, representative, or employee of Adventure Flights Golden Bay is authorized to waive the application of any of these Conditions or of any Rules.


•  In accordance with the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and Civil Aviation Rules, smoking is not permitted on any Adventure Flights Golden Bay aircraft at any time. No smoking is permitted within
   20 meters of the aircraft while parked at any time.

NZ Law and Notices

•  These Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects in accordance with New Zealand law and subject to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts. If in accordance with
   the contract of carriage the passenger's journey has a destination or stop in another country other than the one from which the passenger departs, a treaty known as the Warsaw
   Convention or variants of it may govern the liability of all airlines involved in the journey and may affect the availability and limit of damages that can be recovered for death or injury and
   may operate notwithstanding the provisions referred to in the following paragraph.

•  Carriage of passengers or goods wholly within New Zealand which is not international carriage as defined by the Warsaw Convention is subject to the provisions of the Carriage by Air Act
   1967 as amended and the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 and other applicable laws. The Carriage by Air Act 1967 and the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 provide for and place limitations upon
   damages and compensation which may be recovered against the carrier with regard to carriage of passengers and goods by air in the event of loss or damage or delay. With regard to the
   carriage of passengers this advice should be read in conjunction with the advice contained in the following paragraph.

•  Overseas visitors to New Zealand are advised that compensation for personal injury or death by accident within New Zealand is covered by a statutory no fault scheme continued under
   the Accident Insurance Act 1998. Where applicable this Act substitutes limited statutory compensation on a no fault basis for, and in extinction of, common law rights for damages for death
   and personal injury and continues restrictions on any person seeking to obtain compensatory damages for the personal injury through any proceedings in a New Zealand court.

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